The 2nd International Conference on Digitalization, Innovation

and emerging Technologies


August 1 - 4, 2019   in Dusseldorf - Germany




The turn of the millennium is marked by the rapid evolution of digital technologies. The ubiquitous nature of digitization is one of the key forces driving innovation in a broad range of product and service categories. In order to create a forum for researchers from different fields and to establish a preliminary theoretical framework that can guide future scientific research on digital innovations, we are organizing an international interdisciplinary research conference entitled "International Conference on Digital, Innovation and Emerging Technologies (DIGITECH). ), Which will be held on august 1-4, 2019 in Dusseldorf in Germany.

The design of digital technology, which plays a key role in facilitating digital innovation, has three characteristics: the homogenization of digital data, the programmable digital computing architecture, and the self-referential nature of digital technologies.

Thus, the main challenges and opportunities for innovation arise mainly from convergence and digital materiality. First, new research opportunities lie in understanding the different forms and capabilities of ongoing digital convergence. Second, another set of research problems is associated with new entrepreneurial opportunities arising from the integration of digital capabilities into non-digital products and services.

Finally, the increased use of digital tools and the interpenetration of digital and physical materiality into work practices offer new sets of challenges and opportunities that need to be carefully considered.

The International conference on Digital, Innovation and  Emerging Technologies (DIGITECH) brings together researchers, academics, engineers and industry leaders recognized for the interdisciplinary and innovative nature of their work, their contributions to theory and practice, their focus on important and timely topics and the quality of their research.
















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